Organic Salvage Candles - a Maura Peters Project

Our new favorite candle line (from Maura Peters) is Organic Salvage Candles - soon to be your favorite too!
Organic Salvage Candles emit beautifully textured layers of scents, inspired by nature. They are simple, fresh and so wonderful! Made of 100% natural wax, they are also certified organic, which means their ingredients are grown, processed and handled according to strict guidelines, keeping them free of chemicals and pesticides.
Each candle is contained in salvaged glass bottles as you see above. Water, juice, beer bottles are all fair game to house the various fresh scents. Each bottle has been evenly cut and polished on a grinding wheel, so is not sharp to the touch. Enjoy the different colors of each bottle when lit. Scents include Grass, For the Dogs, Blossom and Meadow - available in 2 sizes. All labels are hand stamped, then hand applied.
Bonus for these candles, is that once it's done, you can give the bottle a THIRD life. Continue being environmentally responsible and create beauty once again, by turning the container into a vase for your favorite flowers or a container for your desk. "You can make a difference with every action and cumulative action makes for a lasting impact." - Maura Peters



Mercury Canisters are elegant and easy

Time to share our little secret for quick decor when time is short. Having people over and need to come up with table display? The Antique Mercury Glass Canisters (below) are perfect!
So versatile and beautiful, these containers are ideal for dining, coffee or entry way table. Keep them on hand for many uses.
Fill with flowers - fresh or dried - and you have instant sparkle.
Above we've used dried flowers, but fill with water and run to the backyard for your favorite blooms. Maybe shells from the beach that are stacked to the top.
Nighttime get together? How about filling with candles? Turn down the lights, line them up and watch your room glow. Now that's easy, elegant style!
as seen recently in Better Homes & Garden magazine