Fall Fabric Presentation - Schumacher, Thibaut

To be sure we stay on top of the trends out there, Clayton Gray Home attended the 2009 Fall Line Presentation earlier this week at Interiors Trading in Tampa. For those who missed the tabletop show of new fabrics and wallpapers, we have our favorite picks from companies like Stroheim, Schumacher, Thibaut, Highland Court, Fabric, Clark and Clark and Phillip Jeffries.
Stroheim (above and below) featured the large floral prints with a modern edge. The colors used are fresh and inspiring.
Highland Court (above) showed an "Orla Kiely" looking print (back left) with autumn colors. I feel sure I have the actual Orla Kiely bag to coordinate with this fabric. The look is stylish and whimsical and would make excellent pillows.
More from Highland Court (above) - isn't the gray graphic design very "David Hicks". Gray continues to be seen in every line and that makes us so happy!
Schumacher (above) - how about this oversized print in gray and cream? Traditional in design, but the color scheme makes it current. Loving this!
We were drawn to these wallpaper designs (above) from Thibaut. The Cork paper is full of texture and is actually paper-backed blocks of cork printed with metallic inks. We are thinking of placing in a residential bar with brick and iron - very clubby, don't you think?
Clark & Clark (above) is a newer line for us and we are loving the graphic nature (on table) they bring. Each is simple in design, making them easy to add to any room.
Also from Clark & Clark (above) was the fabulous "wheel" of patent leather options. You can be sure we will be incorporating a few of these in our fall products.
Fabricut (above) - also featuring a vinyl patent option and priced for affordability.
Aren't these little wallpaper samples (above) so darling? Phillip Jeffries wallpaper line ended up captivating our visit. When they say "let your walls shine", they are serious.
Picture above isn't great, but these are all beautiful linen wallpapers. Many great colors to choose from and you would be hard pressed upon observation, to tell if one is fabric or wallpaper. The weave is tight and the overall effect is flawless.
More from our favorite company (above), Phillip Jefferies introduced a "metallic back grasscloth" that was beautiful! Each textured piece featured a metallic backer that would surely transform any room. Many great neutral shades to choose from that we couldn't wait to dream up a project that would include the look. To wrap up - neutrals, gray, texture, modern, shine - can't wait for fall! Feel free to contact us at for price and availability on any of the fabrics or wallpapers shown in this post.


Books, books, and more books: tips on artful arranging

As a writer by trade, I treasure my books. From a signed Judy Blume book from the time I met the author in fifth grade to my collection of first editions, each book on my shelves holds a special place in my heart. I've even saved anthologies and poetry collections from college English classes.

If you're not a natural-born designer — as I'm certainly not — arranging books and other items decoratively on your shelves can be quite a challenge.

There's a great blog on displaying and organizing books as treasures at Sanity Fair. I must say, the curtain idea is my favorite, especially for someone with limited living space.

Clayton Gray Home has some fabulous books to add style, character and balance to your bookshelves. From cowhide decorative designer books to black, brown, white, zebra, and jersey hide hair books, our Western Collection offers a variety of textures.

Clayton Gray Home's Parchment Designer books are actually English books of various size, content, color and condition.

The Lorien Hotel & Spa in Alexandria, Virginia showcases the idea of arranging your shelves with one hue of books.

A recent issue of Southern Living offers tips such as painting the back of your shelves a different color to add depth; using lighting (lamps, sconces, backlighting) to create different effects; varying the way you arrange books (vertically, horizontally, tightly, loosely); considering balance; and incorporating art.

Let us know if you have any new ideas or tips for crafting the perfect home for your books.



MarketPlace Interiors Grand Opening draws huge crowd

pictured in photo (right):Clayton Gray Home owner Wendy Garraty, Cecilia Sayre, Amber Prida & Elaine Sweeney

Tampa's newest hotspot for designers and their clients — MarketPlace Interiors — celebrated its Grand Opening last night with a bustling open house.

With 17 spaces under one roof, open to the pubic and representing a wonderful range of styles, this exciting addition to Tampa's interiors offerings has something for everyone.

Each stall features a unique style and pieces ranging from furniture, home accessories, lamps and chandeliers, and art. There's even some jewelry and clothing in the mix!

Clayton Gray Home's fabulous stall offers some unique pieces for a contemporary or eclectic touch to your interior. Don't miss the repurposed items, jewelry, handbags, and more.

Do yourself a favor and stop by MarketPlace Interiors soon, if you haven't already. Address is 301 N. Willow Ave. (just across Kennedy), located in the Decorative Arts Center's historic warehouse buildings, right across the street from the new Ferguson's showroom. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.



SHELTER Interior Design speaks out

Julie Richard from SHELTER Interior Design, north of Boston in Salem, MA, recently blogged about some Clayton Gray Home items she loves. In Julie's opinion, designers should love every piece they choose for themselves or clients.

Some of the Clayton Gray Home furniture she features on her blog include the following pieces, which speak to Julie's design direction.

Because of Julie's impeccable design taste, we decided to dig deeper to find out more about her strategies and experiences. Here's our Q&A:

Have you ever bought something for a client that you wanted to keep for yourself?

Of course, a number of times! I usually admire the one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that can’t be found at chain stores.
I recently purchased a great cocktail table from a store in N.Y., that’s on my current wish list.

What is foremost in your mind when looking for products for clients?

I always have to consider price; clients usually have a budget and appreciate the thoughtfulness. What I am looking for in each job differs greatly, but I like to be “moved” by a piece. Not everything can scream “wow” in a room, but I aim to source unique items and objects for my projects. Quality is, of course, always a priority.

What is your design philosophy?

My goal with Shelter is to create unique, cohesive, visually graphic, functional spaces that suit my clients' lifestyles and needs. I strive for each space or home to contain elements of unexpected beauty and comfort! Great design is in the details.

Which is your favorite of all the Clayton Gray Home items you chose? Why?

That’s a tough call. I love them all for one reason or another. I think the Powell Cocktail table, a nod to Warren Platner, would make a room. It’s glamorous, beautiful and the gold finish is unexpected. The Marco Cabinet in white is also amazing. It doesn’t get much better then lacquered grass cloth.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the creative design process. My job and work is always evolving. Keeping things fresh is imperative to me. Seeing the finished product and a very pleased client is extremely rewarding!

What's an important lesson you've learned about design over the years?

Don’t be afraid to verify the details over and over again! Mistakes do happen but many can be avoided. If you are unsure of the something, it’s so important to double-check measurements, pricing, color, etc. Always have the fabricator of any custom piece obtain the dimensions on-site for the piece they are making! Take some pressure off yourself!