Emily Henderson is Born to Be Wild . . . sort of.

Emily Henderson works with Glee co-creator Ian Brennan under the watchful eye of Tippicanoe 

We just love 2010 HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson's blog, so it was a real treat to spot our Suzani Tribal Throw Pillow in Orange on the mood board in episode 13 of her new TV show, Secrets from a Stylist. Her first episode featured Emily working on Glee co-creator Ian Brennan's eclectic bungalow in Los Angeles.

In Episode 13, 70's Palm Springs meets Easy Rider Chic,
Emily works in a 1970's California style (although she admits 
that everything she knows about the classic film Easy Rider,
she learned from Wikipedia). Our series of Suzani
Tribal Throw Pillows are perfectly positioned to her description
of "global influences and retro colors, but with a masculine edge."
This bold linen pillow is available in 6 different featured colors -
orange as shown, and also redplumseafoamnatural and blue.

Screen Capture from Opening Montage of HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist

We also noticed our fantastic Scalloped Wood Bead Chandelier
during the opening montage of one of the show's episode. Winning! 
Rustic, beachy, playful, but elegant, this beautiful fixture
is a great choice for a coastal, cozy, seaside feel.
We love this light and we love your show Emily - THANKS!

Be sure and catch Emily's show on HGTV, Saturday at 9pm.
You can also watch full episodes on-line at HGTV's website.
The above link goes directly to the episode with Glee's Ian Brennan.



Lanterns with Sketch42

NYC Artist and Writer Nicole Cohen of sketch42 was nice enough 
to feature two of our lights in her blog. The Stephano Chandelier 
and the Grande Cuba de Marco Lantern were 2 of Nicole's finds 
while she was searching for options for an interior design client.

These are two of the many new lights that we are carrying.
Nicole chose two very nice options. Her client really can't go wrong 
with either the rustic and simple, but elegant Stephano in a 
natural rust finish, or the formidable Cubo de Marco Chandelier 
which is finished in Newport Silver and comes in at almost 3 feet tall!

Nicole and her ridiculously awesome apartment in Manhattan 
were also recently featured in an 18 page spread ( see page 100
in the great on-line magazine Rue.

Congratulations and thank you Nicole Cohen!



Featured in the Washington Post!

Although it may not be Watergate, we're still excited to see our popular 
Bubbles Glass Chandelier in the famous Washington Post!
Clicking on No. 15 in the "After" graphic brings up our
fabulous blown glass chandelier!  

The Bubbles Glass Light adds an incredible burst of energy and style
to space. Dozens of handblown glass "bubbles" threaded onto chrome rods
 and all projecting outward from a chrome sphere make this a unique 
and exciting light fixture.

Popular as either a Chandelier or a Ceiling Fixture!

     We love this modern light fixture for combining a great piece of lighting
with the beauty of a sculpted work of art and we're so grateful to designer
Kelly Porter of Porter House Designs for incorporating 
the Bubbles Glass Chandelier into her design. Thanks Kelly!



San Francisco Designer Showcase 2011

2011 Showcase House: 1928 Mansion in Pacific Heights
Thanks to Lily Gahagan, Assistant Editor at we've just seen some terrific images from the Decorator Showcase home in San Francisco, CA.
The showcase is the West Coast’s premiere design show house event, featuring the work of the region’s top designers. Lighting, furniture, paint colors, floor
treatments and accessories are all chosen and installed for this charity event.

Students at San Francisco University High School
The annual event benefits the San Francisco University High School.
The Showcase just opened on Saturday, April 30 and will continue 
through May 30.

The Jacqui 3 Drawer Table in Green from Bungalow 5
A white Jacqui Table was also part of the design for a 2nd bedroom.
The Jacqui Table in White from Bungalow 5
The Andrea Mirrored Desk and a beautiful table lamp from Arteriors Home

We're very excited to have some of these great pieces
that are being showcased for this wonderful cause in San Francisco.