Emily Henderson is Born to Be Wild . . . sort of.

Emily Henderson works with Glee co-creator Ian Brennan under the watchful eye of Tippicanoe 

We just love 2010 HGTV Design Star winner Emily Henderson's blog, so it was a real treat to spot our Suzani Tribal Throw Pillow in Orange on the mood board in episode 13 of her new TV show, Secrets from a Stylist. Her first episode featured Emily working on Glee co-creator Ian Brennan's eclectic bungalow in Los Angeles.

In Episode 13, 70's Palm Springs meets Easy Rider Chic,
Emily works in a 1970's California style (although she admits 
that everything she knows about the classic film Easy Rider,
she learned from Wikipedia). Our series of Suzani
Tribal Throw Pillows are perfectly positioned to her description
of "global influences and retro colors, but with a masculine edge."
This bold linen pillow is available in 6 different featured colors -
orange as shown, and also redplumseafoamnatural and blue.

Screen Capture from Opening Montage of HGTV's Secrets from a Stylist

We also noticed our fantastic Scalloped Wood Bead Chandelier
during the opening montage of one of the show's episode. Winning! 
Rustic, beachy, playful, but elegant, this beautiful fixture
is a great choice for a coastal, cozy, seaside feel.
We love this light and we love your show Emily - THANKS!

Be sure and catch Emily's show on HGTV, Saturday at 9pm.
You can also watch full episodes on-line at HGTV's website.
The above link goes directly to the episode with Glee's Ian Brennan.


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