Clayton Gray Home - Opening April 15th

I'm excited that the opening of Clayton Gray Home is right around the corner, thanks to all of my friends and family who have worked tirelessly to help load products, write material and just provide general support. I have to take a moment to list them individually, so please bear with me. They are near and dear to my heart!

(no certain order here )

Cecilia at Itty Bitty Ladybug - thank you for making time for me whenever I call or email, I can never completely express to you how thankful I am to have you in my life. You would never know it, but Cecilia was an attorney in her former life (before kids). I'm convinced she had too much creative talent to be in the legal world. If you haven't checked out her site to see first hand what she is capable of, please do. It will make you so happy!

Yoly at YnotShop - the inspiration that nudged me into this web business back in 2005. After sifting through idea after idea, Yoly helped me pinpoint a business idea that would bring eclectic decor to those who love to shop 24/7. Ynot Shop is a great site with fun accessories that I have personally shopped from on many occassion. She and her Mom (who is absolutely darling!) run this site and are the fashion guru's around here.

Leigh at Webs by Leigh - now here is a web designer that is all heart! Seriously - Clayton Gray Home is the 2nd website that Leigh has put together for me, so that says a lot, that we both agreed to work with each other a 2nd time. Leigh was able to decipher all of the massive amounts of "stuff" that I sent her, and put it into something that reflected just what I wanted. She has also taken the time to show me how to do things myself, and that skill has made all the difference in being able to be in this business.

Gabe - MinuteMan - just a little plug here for my newest friend that is a graphic genius. Like Leigh, this creative guy has taken fragments of attachments and made them into workable pieces. After receiving multiple emails from me with just a "few minor tweaks" (haha!), he still takes my calls. Gabe was intuitive to what I needed and extremely fast.
Amber - Spa Jardin and Melt Out - anyone who is lucky enough to have Amber Prida as a friend is lucky period. Spa Jardin was one of my first commercial design projects and through the project, Amber and I became close friends. Amber has an amazing business sense about her, which no doubt spurred on the opening of her second location, Melt Out. I knew from the first time we had our "cards read" in New Orleans, that Amber was someone that I would know for a very long time.

Elaine - no company, just an amazing friend and the creater of "Detox Days" (which is not what you think). During my "transition time," Elaine instituted "Detox Days" which would be a day (or two) when we would get together, during the week while the kids are in school, and sit around by the pool doing nothing much of anything. Now for very busy people like ourselves, this was extremely hard to do. Our goal was to have healthy meals, relax our minds, talk about encouraging and positive subjects and just be together as friends. Aside from a few "too healthy" tasting smoothies, we've set this up as a weekly must-do.

My Family

Steve - extremely supportive, thoughtful and attentive husband of 15 years who patiently entertained kids on Spring Break, while I worked like crazy to get Clayton Gray Home up and running. I think this is turning into an "about me" page, but that's okay. Below is a photo of my better half, who I can thank for getting me into the world of Facebook.

My kids - Jack Clayton (8) and Grayson Caroline (11) - you might notice their names sound familiar. Since Clayton Gray Home is now my 3rd child, thought it appropriate to include everyone in the naming process. These kids keep me going.

Mom - thank goodness for Mom! We are fortunate enough to have her under our roof, where she jumps in and helps with everything. My friends are constantly telling me how lucky I am to have her here, and I constantly agree. With my Mom, anything is possible and she's ready to help make it happen. She has always been this way, and likely why I am where I am today.

So to wrap it all up, I am rich with friends and family and felt I needed to take a moment to acknowledge them.


Clayton Gray Home is for those looking for a source of an eclectic, yet practical mix of home d├ęcor styles and products. We offer to bring trusted manufacturers that we are all familiar with as well as our own creations. Traditional, Modern and Urban shoppers will find something here as we pledge to find products that are mindful of our environment and look fabulous too!


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