Kitchen Pendant Lights - Top 10

Kitchen pendant lights can completely change the look and feel of the most used and highly visible room in your home. Fortunately there are many choices out there for us to select from. Whether your decor is modern, casual, rustic or high style - pendants lights can be a great addition over an island or sink area. We've rounded up our Top 10 Favorite Pendant Lights at Clayton Gray Home - see what you think!
1. Hammered Wide Iron Pendant from Arteriors Home - metal design plays off other metal elements of a kitchen. Silver and gold combo makes it an easy fit, but the best part of this light by far, is it's shape. "Bell bottom" look is unique and adds personality with ease.
2. Metal Slats Pendant - simple "slats" of metal form a round shape hanging from a simple chain. Black color plays a neutral for all accessories in a kitchens. Scallop edge and flared design give definition to this light fixture.
3. Wash Tub Pendant - little more rustic, but high on style and interest. Finish will vary from pendant to pendant, but the aged effect is key. Why not turn things upside down every now and then and have a little fun?
4. Anderson Iron Pendant from Arteriors Home - much more sleek design. Simple in finish and coloring, this one is ideal in pairs. Diffuser softens the overall light projected.
5. Bell Pendant - we love these! Line up a row of them and enjoy. Again finish will vary and unique shape keeps a kitchen from looking boring. We promise that you will have lots of compliments from house guests!
6. Faceted Mirrored Pendant from Worlds Away - here you have an upscale choice with it's strips of uneven antique mirrors. The reflection of the light is eye-catching and an overall mood is hard to avoid.
7. Marilyn Pendant from Worlds Away - another round shaped light that brings in crystals for a completely different touch. In gold or silver leaf, this light can be the finishing accessory for your kitchen.
8. Venini Chandelier from Worlds Away - even though this light fixture is a bit bigger than the other "pendant" lights, it's such a great fixture that would look so attractive with its canopy and leaf detail.

9. Loft Lantern - easily your favorite in terms of light fixtures. Clayton Gray Home shoppers have cleaned us out on this fixture - 1 and 2 lights. However, we have restocked! The Loft Lantern is simple with it's clear glass and simple metal frame. It easily fits into any style kitchen.
10. Antique Brass Pendant - we originally placed these lining a hallway, then viewed a recent installment in a kitchen and loved them in a kitchen! The under side of the brass piece is mirrored, which is a little hard to see in the photo, but it's detailed design is casual and elegant at the same time.

>So there are the top 10 favorite lights for a kitchen. Each is a little different, offering it's own personality and effect. Which is your favorite?



  1. Great collection of pendant lights.I am looking for pendant something like Marilyn Pendant .Thanks for the post

  2. Love the Marilyn Pendant in the kitchen. I think the crystals are unexpected and really brings it up a notch for the kitchen. Thanks for your comment!

  3. That Venini Chandelier is gooorgeous. Swoon.

  4. I just wrote a new post on my blog regarding my lighting dilemma! I featured some of these same pendants from your site! I just now noticed your blog post about all of them as well....would LOVE for you to check out my blog and help me make this lighting dilemma decision. Especially since yall KNOW how they truly look in person.....(I'm a Decorator, but still having angst about what chandy/pendant light to hang in front of a mosaic tile wall.)
    Thanks so much!,
    Jeanette Van Wicklen
    Van Wicklen Design/JVW home

  5. Jeanette, so glad you stopped by! Love your blog and love Austin - what a fun city to live. Have a cousin that lives there and loves it. I'll take a look at your lighting options on your blog and comment. Thanks,

  6. i just came across this blog post and would like to know what the lights are at the bottom? Where can I get those? thanks!

  7. Those are actually sold out, but we do have many other similar styles to choose from.


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