Kaffe Fassett Rugs

Meet the man behind the colorful rugs. Kaffe Fassett (shown above), the master quilter, has touched the rug market with his unique sense of color and pattern to create a line of floor covering that could easily grace your walls.
Born in San Francisco in 1937, he began his creative career with a scholarship to the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston.
His "one of a kind" designs have been collected by Barbara Streisand, Lauren Bacall and many others. Kaffe's needlepoint projects have been the subject of many TV programs, plus fans can pick up one of his many books for more information from the creative mastermind.
His experience and expertise has given him the "guru" status in the world of color and textiles. Shown above is the needlepoint Bargello Rug by Kaffe highlighting his inspiring creations.
Seen above in his studio, Kaffe Fassett has always fostered his love of painting. Trained as an artist, painting fuels his passion and insatiable appetite for color.
Pick up one of his new rugs here at Clayton Gray Home and add that spark of energy to your room.


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