One More Top Pick - Jarrod Pendant light

Adding to that Top List of Picks from Arteriors Home is the Jarrod Pendant Light shown above. We just couldn't leave it out, since it's one of the most unique fixtures we've seen from them in a while. The varied coloring of the carved wood exterior caught our eye right away.
Upon further inspection, we were captivated by the round circles in the drum shade which allows the most beautiful display of light to shine through. Taking every detail into account, the inside top of the light fixture is mirrored, adding that bit of surprise for those catching the extra feature.
The High Point Market photo above gives a better view of the Jarrod, which is quite large at 30" in diameter, making a statement for any room. Also notice in the photo above, the Hayes Quatrefoil Mirror (top favorite from previous article) grouped in such a way that makes us want to duplicate this very look.



  1. love the look of that pierced drum...

  2. especially pretty in the wood, don't you think?


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