Christopher Coleman Interior-New York Spaces

Brooklyn's historic waterfront district (otherwise known as DUMBO) has quite a catch with Christopher Coleman, Interior Designer.
Pictured above, I found him in one of my favorite magazines, New York Spaces and wanted to learn more about his "look". Christopher believes in simplicity in design and is known for his use of industrial and slick materials. The graphic nature of the sitting room above really caught my attention. My eye goes straight to the dazzling drapes, then follows them up to the interesting light fixture, then back down to the cool chair in the front. Very simple indeed, but not boring.
Now I just love this home office above and had to show you. How about this Lucite desk that looks to have drawers. Genius! Lucite desks tend to be intimidating because there is no place to stash everything. This one is perfect for "real work".
However most interesting are the panels behind the desk. This newspaper screen, with it's black and white irregular image, adds to the uniqueness of the room. I can only imagine those do-it-yourself types whipping this up. Certainly wouldn't cost much to fabricate. I imagine you could make them movable as well. Just make sure the news you choose to display is worth looking at all the time! Oh and if you do, be sure to send me a photo and instructions - Clayton Gray Home.



  1. Absolutely lovely! I'm so very happy to have come across your blog, and have added you to my blog roll. Thank you so very much for the comment, my dear!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  2. His style is just so lovely! I adore those wide chocolate and cream striped curtains. Great post as per usual my dear!
    xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

  3. Thank you Katherine - love your blog and visit you often!


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