Roberta Schilling Handmade Chandeliers Bring Rich Texture to Rooms

Be sure to take a look at the new Panama Chandelier from Roberta Schilling made of twill tape, available at Clayton Gray Home. It's truly a work of art, as are so many of Schilling's South American creations.

These unique design elements are created using natural twill tape strips wrapped artfully around a metal frame to create an organic, open-weave look. It's available in three different diameters (19", 21" and 39.5") to suit most any size room. Made from repurposed materials, the Panama Chandelier's rich texture and natural color add an interesting twist to a room, bringing together old and new.

Born in Brazil and educated in The United States, Roberta Schilling offers a unique array of hand-made products from her native country to America through her wonderful collection. Her interest in decor and crafts started at an early age, when Schilling helped her mother run a successful home accessory and fresh flower boutique in Belo Horizonte, the cradle of Brazil's colonial art.

Today the Roberta Schilling Collection of hand-crafted furniture and accessories has been featured in a variety of home and trade magazines.

Schilling brings together skilled artisans create distinctive pieces with recycled and repurposed materials from South America, including hardwoods found in the ruins of old colonial farm houses dating back as far as the 1800s. Schilling is always on the lookout for new crafts and decorative techniques from villages in her native country of Brazil.

Clayton Gray Home is proud to feature one of Roberta Schilling's newest products on our site. Don't miss out on getting a Panama Chandelier for your home!



  1. That chandelier is so fantastic. I still can't believe that it is made by hands. The design is so simple but the overall looks is glamorous. I wish I can also do that.


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