Sunburst Mirror hits Wall Street!

Very interesting article in last week's Wall Street Journal regarding the history of the starburst mirror. Some suggest that the style was first popularized by King Louis XIV of France.
Louis XIV of France. The Henry Ford of Mirrors?

Others say that the mirrors are the result of antique dealers and collectors repurposing the many religious icons that flooded the market after the 1789-1799 French Revolution. The merchants and decorators purged the round portraits and images of the Holy Family and saints from their metal frames and replaced them with mirror. Now, over 200 years later, these mirrors can still add an unexpected pop to almost any room. Among our collection of mirrors, we've offered several varieties of sunburst or starburst mirrors and at times, we've even had trouble keeping them in stock!

Add sparkle to your space with a piece of beauty . . . and history!


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