Allegra Hicks has An Eye for Design!

We are just loving Allegra Hicks' book, An Eye for Design! Using the seasons Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer as a framework, she and photographer Emanuele Mascioni, and creative director Antonio Monfreda present her original textile and pattern designs alongside beautiful photos of interiors, landscapes, and unusual points of nature. The coffee table book is filled with big, colorful images of fabrics, interiors, rocks, and plants. There are far more photographs than writings, but speckled throughout the 224 page book, Allegra Hicks very carefully and poetically explains (and shows) her design philosophies and inspirations. Great book - we love it!

London-based Allegra Hicks and her Italian Fiat (She is from Turin, Italy)

"an Italianate garden about to become colorful and ripe . . . a perfect palette for an interior"

an embroidered dress and its inspiration, an earthquake damaged road

as a small child, her parents taught her to look at things . . . "not just the world around me, but to be conscious understanding it."

more Allegra Hicks designs

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You'll really enjoy her insight and all of the beautiful images of designs and inspirations found in this great book!