5th Graders Go Green With Blue Jean Drive

Grayson, daughter of Clayton Gray Home's Wendy Garraty, teamed up with her fifth grade classmate and cross country running parter, Melanie, to start a denim jeans drive as a service project for the middle school students at St. John's Episcopal School in Tampa.

Grayson heard about National Geographic Kids challenge to help set a Guinness World Record while helping others through this drive, sponsored by COTTON. FROM BLUE TO GREEN. The company recycles old, denim jeans into UltraTouch Natural Cotton Fiber Insulation used to help build houses in areas damaged by natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes.

About 500 pairs of recycled jeans can insulate one home. Plus, these clothing items stay out of landfills, helping the environment.

Grayson and Melanie saw an opportunity to help and they got to work by first asking their school principal for permission for students to participate in the Denim Drive. Then they brought in a collection container to school and conducted their own PR campaign to raise awareness about the drive through announcements, signs, and flyers.
The results: the girls collected and donated 21 pounds of denim, and shipping costs were sponsored by Clayton Gray Home. Congratulations, girls, on making a difference for our environment and the lives of people recovering from natural disasters!


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