Garden Variety Stools - Elle Decor Magazine

With summer in full swing, designers find themselves looking for a special accessory that will really add some personality. Those of us in the industry know exactly where to turn for such a piece. The Garden Stool!
Shown above in Elle Decor magazine is their round up of the latest looks for the garden stool. Now don't be fooled, these handy ceramic pieces also make sturdy side tables.
Clayton Gray Home offers a few of the designs shown in the Elle Decor magazine article, plus a few other colors for selection. The Lotus Garden Stool features a fluted effect in it's Jade Green glaze, but can also be found in white for an easy add to any room. Place 4 of these around a dining table for a striking alternative to the traditional chair.
Perhaps you'd like a more international attitude. Elle Decor also included the Medallion Garden Stool featuring red intertwined dragons. The turn of the century Chinese design can be found at Clayton Gray Home in other colors like Lake Teal, Jade Crackle and Brown Black. All are bright and glossy and can be used indoors or outdoors. Flank a sofa with 2 of these and you have a spot to place your glass or book.

Not included in Elle Decor, but still noteworthy is the Bamboo Garden Stool shown above. Simple and classic, this seat is perfect for those just entering into the "garden seat" world. Add the white stool anywhere really. Living room, bedroom or bathroom vanity, it's easy to work white into any color scheme and the knotched look suggests your intent was effortless.

Once you discover how multifunctional these accessories actually are, you'll find them everywhere you look. I'm a big fan of the Square Lattice Garden Stool (above) with it's open fretwork design. With the choice of colors, you can surely find one that fits your look. Making it easier for Clayton Gray Home shoppers, you can receive an even bigger discount for purchasing these stools in pairs. Since shipping is free on all orders at Clayton Gray Home, shopping for your very own "garden stool" just became summer fun!



  1. love the garden stools! I want 2!!!!

  2. They are great little accessories that add so much color! Glad you love them Gina!


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