Jacqui Tea Table in Real Simple Magazine

Decorating with Green is all the rage right now. A recent feature in Real Simple magazine (below) shows an entire room with green accents.
From a green sofa and throw pillows to a green rug and lamp, the standout "green" in this living room is the Jacqui Side Table from Bungalow 5. Shown in the foreground with curving lines, the spring green color makes the room fresh and alive.
With an ideal side table height of 18", the light and slick accent piece works well in any room of the home. Move around to suit your needs with this easy to clean, unique design.
Your choices in color are not limited. View the array of shades that span from white, brown, black, red, green and now orange.Since color is the best way to set a mood, the Jacqui Side Table is your canvas to begin setting the stage for "happy". Shop for them at Clayton Gray Home and enjoy Free Shipping on all orders. Purchase a pair of the Jacqui Tea Tables for the best of $605.00 or single at $335.



  1. I would never think to put that table in that room, but it works. Austin Apartment Locator

  2. My dad passed his green couches down to me and I'm having such a hard time decorating with green. I'd love to find a copy of this magazine to help.

  3. I love this table! It really does stand out from the rest of the furniture.


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