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Green is everywhere! Over the past few weeks, I've been seeing it more and more. At Market in New York, green was a major player and on a recent trip to Brazil, one of the CGH team discovered that green rules the South American coast.

(above) A door to a church in the historic village of Olinda, Brazil. Isn't it amazing!

(above) A ring from the ocean side city Recife, Brazil. Really love this ring!

We love green and have become obsessed with it . . . green jewelry, green architecture, and now shagreen furniture.

Shagreen (pronounced shuh-green) is a form of leather consisting of rough untanned skin and dyed various colors. (One of the colors is actually green, too!) Shagreen has a rough surface and is sometimes used as fancy leather for book bindings, pocketbooks and small cases.

The October issue of Elle Decor magazine dedicates its "Truth in Decorating" article to shagreen (pages 158-160). Professional designers Georgia Tapert Howe and Trip Haenisch share their own opinions and uses of this exotic leather.

They are not the only ones who love it!
Take a look at our faux shagreen furniture at Clayton Gray Home.

(shown in dark mushroom, also available in ivory.)

(shown in copper)

(shown in vellum)

(shown in pale green, also available in dark mushroom, cool grey and ivory.)

Cara Shagreen Side Table
(shown in cool gray, also available in dark mushroom and pale green)

All are sleek, sophisticated and covered in faux shagreen.


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