Vintage Turkish Patchwork Rugs: Beautiful and Green Friendly!

 Clayton Gray Home customers now have access to one-of-a-kind vintage patchwork rugs. These unique rugs are hand-stitched together in Turkey using salvaged pieces of vintage asian rugs. Individual parts of damaged or worn, but still beautiful original antique rugs from throughout the world (some over 100 years old), from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Jaipur, Tibet, Armenia and Turkey are saved, collected and stitched together. The rug then goes through an over-dye process to give it varying shades of a certain color tone. These original vintage Turkish pieces are very special handmade rugs that will add color and history to any room. Of course, since each patchwork is unique, color and pattern variations will differ slightly, making them special in their own way.

The ultimate green product for your home, vintage patchwork rugs are a genuine recycled product! The varying patterns and designs that were weaved into the original antique rugs years ago, are still visible and often parts of the patterns are in very good shape.  After pieces are selected and then thoughtfully placed to form a pleasing mosaic effect, the finished product is a custom piece of history.

(above and below) on left is shown typical eastern rug; on right is overdyed patchwork rug
the original eastern rug pattern is still visible after overdye process

A large "baseball" stitch is used to hand-sew the pieces together.

Production of the rugs includes being stitched to a solid backing to give the piece years of stability in your home under typical use. The rugs have been over dyed in varying tones and are available in different colors to work with your interior.

A wonderful way to bring a "green" floor covering into your design, and still retain the fantastic beauty that these colorful rugs offer. 


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